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I saw the Eclipse!!!

Went to Suining with Dave. From the overcast white sky of Chengdu we came to blue sky over there. Great!
Spend the next day exploring the temples on the hills. Found a nice spot on an island in the river. Ice cold Snow beer for 4 RMB (the big bottle!!). Had 2 nice nights at that place – no cars – the lights of the city at the other site.
Got up at 6 in the morning today – the big one. Had a shower and coffee – than we did head out towards the river. Took the ferry over – only farmers on the way to the market – nobody went with us over – great. The Chinese will stay in the city.
Went to one of the little restaurants and asked the shopkeeper if she is willing to get us chairs up on the hill. She agreed for 5 RMB which is 0.42€ This we could afford – and she gave a big beach umbrella on top of it.
So here we were – in our beach chairs on top of that small hill – waiting. On another hill was a father with his son. Then it started – slow slow from the top the shade of the moon came in. Slow slow our excitement did rose – finally there was only a millimeter or so left – bum – the sun was gone. Everything came to standstill – bird stopped and the whole thing was sort of unreal. COOL!!
We had more than 5 minutes till there was the 1st millimeter of the sun – a loud roar from over the river – 100.000 of Chinese were screaming and cherishing the reappearance of the sun – great!!!



I saw the Eclipse!!! 1
I saw the Eclipse!!! 2
I saw the Eclipse!!! 3

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  1. Yer one lucky sod Marc_man! next ‘Eclipse’ NONE of us will be around!

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