The Palace in Leh
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A few Pictures from Leh, Ladakh, India

Since i was super lazy and there is not really a lot to do in Leh i show you the pictures from the few times i was down town. We decided to go and take a look at the palace so you will see a few pictures from that day.
Leh Palace is a former royal palace and was modelled on the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The palace was built in the 17th century and is not really interesting from the inside. It is empty and there is construction all over the place so you see lots of tools and unfinished renovating. They had an exhibition of castles from Hungary – very interesting – not. And than there was no power so you could not even see the exhibition. Of course foreigner had to pay 10 times more than Indians – what for?

Palace in Leh, India
Looks good from the outside!

But since the palace is in the middle of Leh we have to walk there – and that is what we did see – some of the stuff..

Baby in Leh, India
The guy was parked there every day I passed the corner

In Leh, India
Looks like it is the red day – today

Heavy construction in down town Leh
Heavy construction in down town Leh

In Leh, India
Happy guy in the sun

The Temple of the Dogs  Leh, India
We did find the Temple of the Dogs on our way up to the palace. They do rest in the day so they can bark all night.

The Temple of the Dog
There where a few more on each side. Not everybody can sleep elevated. Some have to work their way up i guess.

Don't urinate here!
Don’t urinate here! Guess the guys that can read English would not do so. But the ones that can not read it did. Not sure why this message is in English. But the urine was the smaller problem on the way up. A lot of people come here to have a shit with a view – at last that is how it looks. And dog shit does look somehow different.

No Romance!
Well we walked all the way up here to discover that – good thing we where all only friends – so no romance involved!

Palace entrance in Leh, India
Finally – The entrance to the palace – that was almost the only thing to take a picture here.

View from the palace in Leh, India
View from the palace in Leh

View from the palace in Leh

View from the palace in Leh
This is where most of the tourist guest houses are. More green and with a view of the Shanti Stupa.

Painting in the palace Leh, India
Some painting – they could do a better job with preserving that place

A few Pictures from Leh, Ladakh, India 1
Holy scriptures in the temple of the palace.

Coffe shop
I have no clue how we did missed the Palace Museum but we did. Might be because there was no power so it was closed or they removed the sign to it? I guess apart from the view of the city that would be the reason to visit the palace! We stopped on the way down at a little coffee shop.

Leh, India
Nice street in the old part of Leh

Leh, India
Interesting fence construction

Royal Enfield
I think it will be hard to find 2 Royal Enfields that look the same when they are ot of the factory for more than a year or so.

Dog in Leh, India
Another sleeping beauty

 Leh, India
Cheese and Butter Milk shop

Leh, India
End of one of the many prayers a day. The place in front of the mosque fills up quick.

Baby in Leh, India
The Namgyal Tsemo Monastery at sun set. It was founded in 1430 and is still looking good.

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