Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 3 – Athens to Kalabaka⁩

After a few lazy days in Athens, it was time to hit the road. The car is old and the seats really shitty. There was no music only the radio - and no way to connect the iPhone. And even if - Mitsos has one of the worst tastes in music there is. So that part of the trip was horrible. The good part of the trip: Landscape - lots of it out there and we had blue sky for almost all the trip!…

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Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 1 – Athens

Mitsos has some friends from Hamburg. They have the car from Germany on the island and are happy when somebody drives it back to Germany again. This year it worked well with my schedule. I took a flight down to Athens and we drove 3 weeks back to Stuttgart. The first step is of course: A plane to Athens! The last German beer for a while at STR Nice day for the trip Time to bord the plane Good old Eurowings Enough space The…

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