There is Fire in the Air

OK! back again on the blog. this is as good as last year. we have so much fun and party every night. and the best people at the fire again! last night we had a party till 4 and than we went to 7/11 for whiskey, coke and ice and than off to the hot springs. 3 on one small bike. he he and i was not really stable on the road but the 2 in the back hhad fun. the only thing bad is that you never get enough sleep in pai.

anna arived today. so we are getting the old group together. and on top of that: Terry that i met 2 years ago at the beach in myanmar is in pai. he has a lisu girlfriend now and a house in pai. had dinner yesterday at his place.
Fire – yes. There are lots of fire in the air. here are a few pictures i want to show you.

fire in the air

fire in the air

fire in the air

fire in the air

ta at – so much for 2day!

greets from sunny pai – please stop by!

Marc Hastenteufel

I like to travel and i like to snap pictures! My mother got me a Eurorail ticket when i was 15 and together with 2 friends we adventured into France. This was the beginning of a new addiction. I do like to take pictures so one thing leads to another and on this site i want to share some of my pictures and some of my trips with you! Now i am on the road for more than 6 months every year. Visiting old friends and making new friends while exploring this big blue ball.

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  1. Holger F.

    des sieht ja schön aus, meint Philipp F.

  2. Gila

    ich schließe mich Holger und Philipp F. voll und ganz an.
    …aber soll es das bis zum 12. März gewesen sein ???
    ich dachte du verwöhnst uns und füllst unsere herzen mit neid.
    hab weiterhin schöne feuer/feier… :-))

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