The Thai Wedding

take 7 women, banana leaves, flowers and lots of needles. put everything in one location and give them 5 hours and ready are the 2 flower pots!

thai wedding

the actual ritual is kind of nice. the bridegroom starts from his house and goes to the house of his bride. in front of the whole procession there go the 2 flower pots.

thai wedding

when they get to her home he has to give money to the children and old people of her family to get to his bride.

thai wedding

than it goes to the last part where the little flower pot comes into play. the wedding couple sits down next to each other and than they get a band around there wrist. the little cotton strings are part of the flower in the pot. than every guest takes a band from the pot and ties there arms together – kind of a symbol that they now belong together.

thai wedding

and after that – food and beer!


  1. … and after that – food and beer!
    … and fresh Apples with “e”.


  2. hi marc, wo sind die weiteren reiseberichte? ich finde, du machst dich hervorragend als trauzeuge! gruss syb

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