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Update from Pai and some more Pictures

Still people come up to Pai – i like it :-) Laureen is back in town – should be a nice Open Mike at the Edible Jazz tonight. Scott, Moritz, Christian and Miriam came to town. And a lot left – the season ends soon. I have my visa till the 24th of March and i am not sure what to do and where to go. As long as i have no idea i might as well stay here :-)

Pai 2013Happy Birthday Pare

Pai 2013Best Birthday Cake at the Witching Well

Pai 2013I think i need a beard! Mark, Katharina and Fabrizio discuss the problem

Pai 2013

Pai 2013 Jiang

Pai 2013 Lazy Mark

Pai 2013Happy Nora

Pai 2013 Andreas

Pai 2013 Jelle

Pai 2013 Sylvia

Pai 2013Emily

Pai 2013 Ana

Pai 2013 A friendly Man

Pai 2013Jiang

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