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Back in Amritsar

One more time – India was the destination. I did try a few times in the past to reach Leh and circle from there to Spiti Valley and loop back to Shimla. It did never work out. I did get as far as Spiti valley for a little circle. Trekking to some very small villages close to Kaza and then into the Pin Valley for a few days. The bridges towards Shimal were gone as it did rain too much and so was Leh – buried under a massive land slide. Now i want to try again and it does look better. So far we do not have that much rain and i will try again. The first stop is Amritsar. I do stay again with Mr. Singh at his Farmstay outside of town. So far i got here with the plane from Frankfurt to Delhi and a connecting one to Amritsar. Than the free bus to the Golden Temple and Tuk Tuk to the farm. It is quite hot here – almost 40 degrees and i have to get used to that for a few days. So i take it easy over here. Want to visit the Golden Temple of course and other than that i have no plans for here. Than it is off to Srinagar – the last stop before the mountains.

Frankfurt Airport in the Air India Dreamliner
My friend did drop me at Stuttgart train station where i took the train to Frankfurt. I did arrive early and had a few beers at the REWE supermarket where the trains arrive. They have nice comfy loungers there and cold beer.

Order one get two
Since I was early at the airport I scored an emergency exit seat which is very good if you are as tall as me and have a 6 hour flight ahead. I did order one whiskey and that is what I got. Cheers.

New Window Technology
Since it was a red-eye flight i did not notice the new window technology of the Air India Dreamliner. You can dim the window from clear over blue to a dark green. There are no more window shades. Nice – this is the full green view with the blazing morning sun. You still can feel the rays when you touch the window but it stays quite dark.

Push the button 5 times and you have a clear window again!

Bedroom Ceiling
My room in Amritsar – the whole ceiling is made like that.

My Room
How come it looks like that in 18 seconds?

The Bed
Hello Sweety – looking forward to rest here.

View from the roof
From the roof of the farmstay you have a nice view over the fields surrounding the place.

Lazy Goat
Since there are no rocks that goat sleeps here.

Baby Goat
Baby goat likes to take some rays poolside.

Noosy Goat
And she likes the iPhone as well I guess

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