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Back in BKK

What a trip! 1st i did got to the train station a bit to late and had to get another train. not a lot of time at the airport. than they stuffed me on the plane. i was able to get an emergency flight but i could not recline the seat. so it was a very very uncomfortable flight. i had to pay extra for my vegetarian meal – that is shit. but i got everything on china with metal fork and knive and it looked about 10 times better than the plastic food the guy next to me got.

winter 07-08

sunrise over india

winter 07-08

had a nice ride into the city next to a guy with a 14 day old puppy. went into the bamboo guest house again. than breakfast ak kc’s and of course i did meet Joke there right away. Later i will meet Kae – so the 1st day is over.
you get now 50 bath for an € and as far as i can see the prices are about the same as last year. tomorrow i will go to the weekend market early and in the afternoon i can see pantip placa waiting for me. Ok – there is some tasty seafood waiting for me :-)

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  1. Ciao Marc
    You are in thailand lucky man !!!!!! So i have not to ask you if all is well because all is good for you ; I am debating to come spend some days in Asia and so meet you ; I am just coming back from Roma where my son is living ; have wonderful hollidays man and see you soon ; Dante

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