New Year in Pai

Sad Sad but it is quite something what they did to pai in only 9 months.
somehow a stupid soap opera or something had to come up and did a few stories in pai. and now the city is crawling with thai tourists and of course they really changed everything.
beds have tripled and i would say foreign tourists are down to 30 %. which is not a bad thing but there is also a new police boss in town and no more parties allowed.
and on the friendly fire? since 4 weeks not one night with music!! if you do not count my ipod…
over x-mas and new year the town was packed with thai tourists and it looked like a fucking camp ground round family hut. now everything is nicer again as most of the thais work again.
lets see how the last two weeks go.

New Year in Pai 7

New Year in Pai 8

New Year in Pai 9

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  1. Happy to hear Family hut is nice again.

    Don’t walk across the bamboo bridge because you will spen more money and see more fashion!!! haha

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