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Next Step – The Thai Visa!

12 more days to go – time for a visa! Everything did look nice in the sky today so i took the bike and as i stepped out – rain. Only a bit so i went back in and changed into waterproof modus. Than back on the bike – sure enough the rain did stop. When i was close to the destination it did start again so waterproof was good. Took less than 10 minutes to get the visa – the guys did complain that the stamp is to big for the page. But this is the last page so what to do? Finally i got the stamp and they got 30€ so i can stay 60 days – thank you Thailand!! Now i hope that the immigration is happy with the stamp as well – or i have a small problem as the passport is almost full.


I think they need competition – for this i fly to St. Petersburg or Rome or Athens or London AND back if i have that much time left. Yes i got some food and a nice seat – could save some on this – you are right!



Next mission – find a place in BKK that is still open and has my room after 23.55 in the night….

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