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Bangkok – See you soon Baby!

1949 Steam locomotive

Now i have my ticket for the ICE (Dear Deutsche Bahn – you have the whole day to clear your tracks if it snows in the night – i will take the train at 17:26 to FRA) than a LH 380 (Dear Frankfurt Flughafen AG – you have the whole day to get the runways clear in case it will snow) transports me and a few more hundreds of sun seekers to Singapore where i will enjoy free wifi and check in with AirAsia (Dear AirAsia – hmm what could go wrong down there??) And they should bring me to BKK where i will touch down at the 26th of December at 22:00. So far so good. Now i need only a reservation for a place close to Banglampoo and everything is fine.

Looking forward to meet all my bkk friends and the other guys from all over the world!

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