Off for a little circel


True – i can not remember when i did sleep in a tent the last time. But for the trip we got one and sure you have to try it before you need it (in the dark with rain and wind).

Two weeks with Grobi and the Mercedes Cabriolet – hope we have sun! 1st stop will be a visit at the tipi place of Chris in Switzerland – than down over the sea alps towards Briancon to visit Laele – if we make it in time. Next further down over some more sea alps to Nizza to visit Isabelle. Than we shall cruise the Cote and leave France . say ‘ello to Monaco and drive to Italy. There we go up to Sebastians place for a few days and finally to my mothers place at the Lago Maggiore and from there back home again.

If you are somewhere close text me and we try to meet!


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