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Off to Chicago again!

Have my flight tomorrow in the morning with Air France over Paris to Chicago. Will be back Friday.

Still have a PBR 24 Oz – will drink it before i take the train to Frankfurt. Alex is once again here to rescue me – i can sleep at her place. Cheers!!!

Looks like Grant and Herb will pick me up at the airport. Lets see what is going on at the Chicago Air Show



  1. PBR = bad beer. :-) Chicago twice in one year?! I couldn’t keep that pace up, I’m too much of a homebody. Plus, I have you to do all the adventuring for me!

    Have big fun!

  2. nooo i like pbr – it has the feeling of the good old times. i do know it is new and not the original but anyhow. puh all the adventuring for you as well :-)

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