At the gas station in Soppong
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On the way to Mae Hong Son

After breakfast we left the guest house. The Sonic needed a drink so I stopped at the gas station. Than it was off to a little village in the mountains.

Lisu Bus
The Lisu had to fill up too – now they drive back to their mountain village

Lisu Bus and Me
Its me and my small bike

Next day on another hill
We did stop for a picture and the Greek had to smoke a pipe. Canada had to go and get water – these girls can not be without water longer than 21 minutes. Why like this?

Flower in the Mountains

Small Village in the Mountains
Nestled into the limestone mountains

Small Village in the Mountains
Another rest at the temple. We got some food and a drink. While the girls went and toured the temple.

Small Village in the Mountains
Grace was happy to make an offering to the monks. After that is was back to the main road.

Not everybody is unhappy about the pot holes
Not everybody is unhappy about the pot holes

Easy Rider
Easy Riders

Easy Rider

Offering to the Gods
Offering to the Gods on a hill-top. Dead bird with rice.

Green fields
We did stop for a coffee here. Nice green field.

There is always a cat somewhere
There is always a cat somewhere

I knew from the map that the little road to the Su Tong Pae bamboo bridge is somewhere after about 80 km out of Sappong. But there are so many roads. Nice to have the iPhone with an offline map that is fast. We did find the road and passed the little village where the Temple is. There was no indication and I really did not see it from the road. But we did find another temple so it was ok.

Greek with Buddhaa

Big penis horse
The girls did try to find out why there was a horse with a big penis. But the interweb was not working so we will never know…

Big penis horse

Buddhaa Tree

Since this post is quite loooong you find the rest of the day at the next post.

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