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Rain – Rain – Rain

As some of you know – i do travel quite a bit. But i can not remember that i ever saw and when it was dark heard – that much rain in my life. Everything is wet and i have some socks n stuff that is wet since a week now – no clue how to dry that stuff. After the morning shower it is a great pleasure to try and dry myself with a wet towel.
The rain has 3 strategies to get into my room now.

1. The Window Attack
Simple – the way the window is build – the water comes into the room even when the window is closed (the small one next to the bathroom door. The big one only when it is open – even there is a roof over it (gotta keep em open when you are in the room…). And the one next to the door? Rain is still working on it.
2. The Ceiling Attack
This seems to be very easy – as i am on the top floor the water simply drips from the ceiling. No way to stop that….
3. The Balcony
I have no clue but the guys that build this one did not think at all. They put a nice drain from the roof to my balcony – why?? I dunno – why not let the pipe go all the way down??
So i get all the water from the roof onto the balcony – which would not be a problem but they have a wall round it and it is as high as the little step to the room. So if this pool is full the water comes into the room. Great!!

My friend leaves tomorrow – guess i change the room than :-)

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