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2nd Day Bangkok

Did a long walk along the “old neighborhood” Some things never change – others are long gone and lots of new buildings all over. The Shell station next to the police station on top of Khao San Rd. is closed! Lets see what they build over there. All in all new bars and hotels all over the place – and not the cheap ones.

It is so nice to walk the streets. There is a little cart with coffee – yes with ice but no sugar – thank you! Than there is the next cart with fresh fruits – pineapple please – 10 bath – 20 € cent for a small bag. Than on the way to the boat rocks a blind band. And man – they where good!!

Blind Band

Had to give some, and than i had to get something from grandmother – a little lama in red – helping her a bit, than the beggar over here and the other one over there. If i continue like that i have no more cash for my own food.
Did meet “my street seller girls” The oldest one gave me a friendship band on the spot. Now i have to walk with this thing the next months… There where all happy to see me again. I was happy to see faces that i know for a long time. Later i had to go to the Gecko Bar – drinking a beer and thinking about good old times at Lindas and in general. Two of the seller girls joined me for a small Singha. Than it was time to go to bed again. This time only 12 hours of sleep.

Gecko Bar

Later Sharee will get into town. Did not see her since Pai in 2004/2005??

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  1. Greetings Marc
    Welcome back to the land of smiling faces. I am up in Pai, it is so beautiful up here, cool mornings and nights and warm sunny days. Looking forward to follow your journey, hope you can use the net in Myanmar.
    Heading south to the islands when I can manage to peel myself from Pai.

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