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Back in Bangkok!

Finally i am back. Had to pay an extra 82 € to change the flight – thank you very much Emirates – i had this on other airlines and it was FREE!
Whatever, next to me was one of the Dubai Boys – en route to his friends that where already in Pattaya. He had to smoke in the toilette and did never stop talking. How he was looking forward to the “Body Massage” with naked hookers and the works.
Oh well – there you go!
The interesting part was that he had no idea that Dubai was in the shitter since 2 days. More than 88 billion US $ in debth, sending stock markets down south since 2 days. And there was nothing big in the local paper as well. Had to show him on the bbc news of the airline.
Took the Airport Bus towards the city. Same guest house as last time – better room. Big double bed, fan, table and chair and windows. 100 bath which is right now 2.10 €. And they even have new showers and toilets downstairs. Apart from that i did not see to much of the city as i had to sleep 18 hours. Compensate for lack of sleep and kill my energy in waiting lines at the Dubai airport.

So what is new over here?
They did managed to open more 7/11! Only 2 places to watch videos this year – down from 7 in January! Many place rent the former restaurant to shops now. Shopping overkill!

Went to the embassy of Myanmar today – visa should be ready in 2 days and was only 810 Bath!!!
Today it was a clear blue sky with white puffy clouds – now i only have to get used to the heat.

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