A Boy’s Day out

saturday we went with grant’s friend mike on the river down to chicago and out on the lake. lots of beer and coke for cp. morgan in the big coleman. sun out and a nice blue sky. the cigar sports 2 457 charged V8 machines. real american horses – and the sucker can fly!! a real race boat this one is goes up to 80 miles or 130 km/h. we had a great day – cheers mike!



Marc Hastenteufel

I like to travel and i like to snap pictures! My mother got me a Eurorail ticket when i was 15 and together with 2 friends we adventured into France. This was the beginning of a new addiction. I do like to take pictures so one thing leads to another and on this site i want to share some of my pictures and some of my trips with you! Now i am on the road for more than 6 months every year. Visiting old friends and making new friends while exploring this big blue ball.

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  1. grant

    First part of the day was fine – but I could have done without the six or seven hour ride home down the dam river – pitch black – music blasting – people getting killed (really) by smashing into the river barge!

    All in all, it was fun… I suppose.

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