Almost ready to start the Trek

Today i went to the trekking permit office – you need 3 passport pictures and have to fill 2 forms out. And 35€ lighter you have a permit and a kind of trekking passport. Great!
Did find a Nivea lip balm with SFP 20! Very nice – if it is a faked one they even got the Nivea taste and smell right!!

Looks like i have to leave my New Zealand wool shirt here – too heavy for the trek. This is what i have to do for tomorrow – sort the stuff out that will wait here at the lake for me.

Other than that i guess i make a few pix of this “Lost Paradise” here tomorrow and post them. Wild wild construction and rubbish will kill what is left of this place sooner or later.

One good thing: tons of free WiFi places all over – i love it!

Now some of you did ask me how much i spend here a day. It all depends on the beer!

Hotel (Hot Shower and toilet, double bed) 3,10 €
Breakfast (Coffee, fresh juice, muesli, hash browns, 2 eggs, some green stuff and bread) 1,53 €
Lunch (say noodles with cheese, mushrooms and sauce) 1,75 €
with a big pot of tea (6 cups or more) + 0,64 € or 2 mint lassie + 0,84 €
Coffee: a chocolate croissant 0,38 € a cup of coffee (organic nepali) 0,41 €

and so on – not really expensive – now for the beer: it starts at 1,74 if you are lucky at happy hour in a restaurant. Usually more like 2-3 €. And here even in supermarkets they want 1.80 and up for a Everest. Tssss In Kathmandu you find Everest for 1,26 and up in a supermarket.
The good part of the Beer story is that it is one of the best beers you can find in Asia!!

Hope things are good on your end of the screen??

Marc Hastenteufel

I like to travel and i like to snap pictures! My mother got me a Eurorail ticket when i was 15 and together with 2 friends we adventured into France. This was the beginning of a new addiction. I do like to take pictures so one thing leads to another and on this site i want to share some of my pictures and some of my trips with you! Now i am on the road for more than 6 months every year. Visiting old friends and making new friends while exploring this big blue ball.

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  1. Daniel Elsaesser

    what surprises me most is that you seem to always have internet in those remote places. happy trecking!

  2. Marc Hastenteufel

    cheers! i guess the places i have been before are not really remote any more. but than again – are there any remote ones left??

  3. Cornelia Allgaier

    viel spaß – beneide dich total… hier dauerregen und max 7 grad, der regen ist das schlimmste …. genieße es in vollen zügen <3

  4. Gabriel LIM

    can’t you get Mongolian ‘Genghis’brew in Nepal? It’s really much much cheaper & really strong stuff so I’ve been told by ‘biker-friends’ – ‘The Genghis Riders’from Nurnberg – anyway have a terrific trek – cheers Marc_Man!!!!

  5. jose paz

    cheers brother…it looks everything rollin’on the gOOd wheels…keep you on the gOod path…and mint lassie it sounds gOOd, for your health and pocket…luv hugs.
    my website still young and fresh like a virgin, but just for your knowed,soon will to breathe out.

  6. Jordan

    You are a lucky man. Born with strength in mind and stature. I’m thoroughly impressed. I do have plans to get there someday. The family and friends apparently know this, and they seem to be trying to slow down my financial savings for the trip. Once you taste of travel, it becomes part of the style of life. Good job, sir.

  7. Varya

    If you want remote – go russian north =)

  8. Clarice Lecter

    musst bei den Destillen einen Heben gehen! Sehr lustig mit der richtigen Begleitung!!!

  9. Daniela Peters

    $ 35 … uiuiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – – a lot of money….

  10. marc

    Hi Guys!
    cheers for the comments!
    @ Daniela 35 €!! more than 11 nights in a good GH with hot water and toilet as well as double bed!!
    @ Clarice I shall try if i find one
    @Varya – one day i should do that – but i guess i start easy with Mongolia??
    @ Jordan – dont stop your dreams
    @ Jose :-)
    @ Yup – there are some places here where a beer is more than a good room for 2. This is new!!
    @ Conny cheers! i will!!!!

  11. Marc Hastenteufel

    @ Clarice – if i find them!!
    @ Daniela 35 €!!! das sind immerhin 11 Übernachtungen im guten neuen GH!!!

  12. Varya

    Hey, Mongolia is definitly not a north!

  13. surfdog

    yes mongolia is not north but i have to start somewhere :-)

  14. Daniela Peters

    ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, thats veeeeeerrrrrrry cheap, iindeed – i thought that this is just the fee for getting into the area… :o)))) good deal!!!

  15. Marc Hastenteufel

    Daniela!! that is the fee to get into the area – you get nothing but 2 papers for it and if you are there a few stamps!!!

  16. Daniela Peters

    heh, there are u again – so, how was the trip?
    just as i wrote, 35 bugs for the entrance is a lot of money…o:(

  17. surfdog

    trip was great! wait for the pictures :-)

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