Lao Soup
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Back in Vientiane

Since I wanted to meet friends in Vientiane Friday night i had to get down there. Took the VIP bus for 50.000 with a pick up in town. That worked quite good and the best thing was that the bus did stop opposite the Mixay Hotel. That was the hotel where I wanted to stay anyhow. Great!
They even had a free room. And a basic breakfast as well. Did come to 60.000 kip for a fan room with a single bed, table, chair, mirror and a cabinet. Fair enough.

Welcome to Vientiane
Did try to find a decent place for a sandwich or some local food. Turned out not to be too easy. But I did find that little one.

No talk to shoe!
I guess they wanted to say “Do not take your shoes into the toilet” but that sign is rather confusing!

Cool Garage
Phonekham and his brother did drive me to the temple and we had a soup before we went there – cool garage at the other side of the road.

My friend Moritz died 2 years ago in Pai. Some of you might still remember. Somehow his ashes ended up in a temple in Vientiane.
Well the Thai police did send the body down South and Phonekham went over to Thailand to organize the cremation in a temple over there. Than he got a box with the ashes in a plastic bag. He went back to Vientiane than and stored it in a temple. That is why I am here now – taking care of the last step. But before that I have to get the ashes first.

Ready for cremation
Coincidence – there where preparing another cremation a bit later in the day.

The box
Look look the box. Interesting – they did put him into a Hong Tong box. A Thai whiskey brand. If you ever collect me can you make it at last a premium whiskey?

The box
Not a lot inside – that is all there is left. And some Thai paperwork which I can not really read. Thank you Phonekham for taking care the last 2 years!!

Back to more happy happy again. Nong from Thailand came over for a night to visit. She was lucky since her friend Noy did pick her up from the bus station. The 2nd hotel she was asking had a room for her and then we went for some food.

Nice dinner view
The view from our table – very nice!

The girls
Later wie die meet with some more friends of her

Nong & Me
Nong & Me

Toilet Instructions
Not sure – since I will leave the place and the problem…

Next Bar
On to the next bar and then another one to meet with Phonekham, his brother and another dude.

Lao Soup
Lao soup the next day. Soooo god. If you find a local place – make sure to get one. They only sell soup so you can not get confused. 10.000 to 15.000 kip.

Phonekham & Me
My last evening – my last beer with Phonekham

Thursday night Phonekham dragged his brother and me in the club – this video gives you an idea about the show over there.

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