BMW 320 Touring Testdrive

i had the chance to test a BMW 320 touring for a few days and did allmost 2000 k’s with it. most of it autobahn – but also city and little streets with a lot of corners.


i have to admid that this one is not to bad looking – guess there is no trunk to ruin for the designers at bmw.


now imagine you and someone else are driving and each of you have a beer – where can you put it? there is only ONE cup holder in the front and it is under the armrest! how stupid is that??
here it is not really good to see but there is a cup of coffee next to the ipod.
good thing is that it has an aux for the ipod so at last this is working fine!! the button you see at the left is for the computer – bmw calls it idrive – sort of driving you nuts if you are not willing to read the manual. the easy things are self explaning but for the rest… hmm why is this thing soooo big???


my car had only a 150 hp engine – that makes it not the fastest – 220 km/h was the best i could do (that is 138 mls/h) – so this one is not good for very fast long distance racing. also i felt much saver in an (now) 5 years old Mercedes 320 sl doing 260 as in the bmw doing 220.


the navigation system does work fine, it tells you if there is a traffic jam ahead and guides you round it. very well done. i like the feature that it increases your soundlevel the faster you go (and the louder it gets outside) only the girl in the navigation system did not speak louder??

nice cornering in the city and if you are not toooo fast – not a lot of room for the people in the back

overall – the car is not to bad – but yo should really give it a good test drive before you consider to get one. btw it is not easy on gas – took an average of 9 liter super per 100 k’s or something like 30 miles to the gallon.

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