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Changi Airport Singapore

Grobi drove me to the train station and Cristina & Marius showed up as well to wave goodbye. Smooth ride to FRA from where I had my Lufthansa A380 to Singapore. The nice lady at the counter did change my seat to an emergency exit row one, and I was happy. At last, till I got to that seat. I was looking at the screen, so there it was one. In the plane, it was the one behind the exit, which has a wall on the back so you can not move it back. Great – and the plane was full – and it is an 11-hour flight.

The red wine did suck, the whiskey did suck, the beer did suck – at last, it was German. And the A380 – what is the hype??

Now I do enjoy the nice carpet at Changi – and the 4 hours of free WiFi – cheers!

So Frankfurt Airport has 30 minutes free Wifi as well – this is new and this is better than no free Wifi – only the jokers send you an SMS with the pwd – cheers i waited more than one hour and got it finally after landing in Singapore…

I did get one of them cheap electronic scales from China for the bag as i bring some stuff for ppl and do not want to go over the 20 kg that is free. Back home it was 19.8 on the cheap (1€) scale and at Frankfurt is 18 kg. Now here in Singapore it was 19.9 kg! This leads to 3 conclusions: Lufthansa is nice, and they give you some extra weight for free, but my scale is wrong or AirAsia is mean and overcharges the customer if possible or AirAsia does use a cheap Chinese scale as well?

One more hour till take off – Bangkok I do look forward! Dee and Gerben wrote me that they want to come to the airport to pick me up – but I am really tired – let’s see what happens.

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