Munich -6 Degrees and Snow

did not really sleep well the last night in BKK. it was hot and all – had to pack the stuff. Misako called and sure she wanted to go out this night but i had to get my stuff ready. Than Heike called – same thing. After only a few hours of zzz it was up, shower and sure enough – when i left the GH there was the 1st of the boozers – cold leo in one hand and toast served by the old woman of the place. Nice breakfast dude!
Taxi to the airport – shared with 3 other guys – than the longest line in the world in front of the Emirates counter. It is only a 777 – still a impressive line. The friendly woman working behind the 1st class counter did spot me and send a guy for my last name – only 2 emergency exit row seats left so she wanted to make sure i have one. later at my counter the guy did send a email to Dubai and requested a seat fot the 2nd leg. When i walked into the plane they gave me the boarding pass for Munich: Emergency exit row – sweet!!!
Turned out that my seafood menu was not in the computer – i was wondering why they did not text me a day earlier that my flight is today. Guess after 6 months the system takes that stuff out. So next time you fly and it is a longer holiday – make sure to request the special meal again. Still they had some fish and vegetarian food somewhere in the plane. On the second leg i sat next to a guy that has a gay bar in Munich for over 30 years now. When he was young he modeled for the italian designers in Italy, did some movies and a lot of theater – so the 6 hours went quick, chatting over red wine – down to Munich.
Than it was a 45 minutes subway ride to the city form the airport – in 74 minutes i am from the airport frankfurt with the train in stuttgart – this was the 1st and last time i fly from munich – what a shit! how can you build a airport that is so far out of town and than there is not even a train station in it???
Tomorrow it is another 2.5 hours to Stuttgart – than this winter vacation is history!

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