Singapore – the “New York” of Asia


One strange thing – that makes a lot of sense on the other side – i meet so many intelligent people. Yesterday we went home with the car. 2 French, 1 Austrian, 1 German and a Cambodian/Vietnamese mix. So the conversation started in English – than everybody did speak German than everybody did speak French (no me….). When does that happen back home? Than of course this girl works in finance, that guy in the oil biz, this girl in insurance, this girl is a general manager and so on and so on. They speak loads of languages and have loads of knowledge. And there are all friends of Delphine so they are filtered – which makes it nice for me. And to come back to why it does make a lot of sense – international companies usually do not send the idiots to a foreign country and pay them a lot of cash to do work.
And when you walk downtown – a mix of everything. So many languages and different faces. Nice for a change!

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