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Sunday 15th of July – Team Shoebaru in Stuttgart

Scott from Bangkok was the second BKK connection that did visit this weekend. He and his friends are on a trip from London to the famous Goodwood Circuit in southern England where they officially start the trip. The team will travel through Europe, the Middle East, and down East Africa to the Cape of Good…

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Betriebsausflug 2011 to Brauerei Blank and Lake Bodensee

Steiner, Joga and Mr. Gräber did attend this year. The neighbour was somehow busy with his girl…Due to the temperatures we decided against the convertible and took the limousine. On the way – thanks that german gas stations still sell beer After a nice evening at Brauerei Blank we did cruise to the lake Bodensee….

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I have my Flight for Winter 2011/2012

1st Stop Singapure 26th of December Quick to Bangkok for nice food and Pretty Girls Than up to Pai and the windy roads of the North My Birthday i want to have on this island Meet him again And see lots of fish Than a visit in Kuala Lumpur And back to Singapore Back in…