Fall 2007 online

i know i know – usually fall is online and than i head for asia – sorry!
anyhow take a look if you have the time: surfdog.de -> fall 2007


  1. hey marc,
    i really like your panorama shots- great work.
    (which programm do u use?)
    there is no denying that i’m also a little jealous about all your travelling :-)

    best wishes


    (i’m looking forward to get all your traveling stuff for the shop- let’s get rich and famous with it.. – the new shop design is already done- but database work is a torture and takes too much time- )

  2. Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to say I went to France in about 1960 and saw the same bones in the same museum. They haven’t moved since! It really drives home the insanity of war: Thats why I am in Canada as I didn’t want to be a soldier (I don’t like to get up early and get screamed at)
    PS: if you like french castles, you need to go to the area around Marseille, I visited a nephew there last summer, and he showed me 4 castles a day, all very impressive, all ruins, one of them was partially redone. At the end I was happy to escape to castle-less Stuttgart!

  3. hi marc,
    endlich konnte ich die fotos ansehen, wirklich toll. bin begeistert!

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