How to score an emergency exit row – even when there are none!

After ages in the train from Stuttgart to Munich i was standing in front of the stupid machine. 9.20 € for a ride from main station to the airport?? i do not want to buy the train ppl!
A swift 45 minutes (feels like 2.72 hours) i was at the airport. And there was still a seat at the emergency exit row left. No chance to reserve for Dubai. After 3 small bottles of red wine and some little bottles of whiskey and a really interesting movie about the us food system we did touch ground in Dubai. “Our” stewardess was from Chile and me – sitting at the exit row – could talk to her on the way down. Interesting is was! The only thing she could not explain was the country we did fly over for more than 20 minutes called “Neutral Zone”! It is south of Saudi Arabia and i never heard of it!!

Down at the airport i did get the next chair to eat my cheese sandwich – repaired in the morning with care and pride. There was that woman from Iran – speaks only Farsi and German. Pain in the knee – so i did sat her down and went for help. Ending up at the nearest help desk i told them to send the marines or at last one driver for the 6 electric cars i passed on my way to the desk. Not possible – we do not have a licence – somebody is on the way! wait 15 minutes!! – she should have told the crew on the plane – “well she is not my wife” i told them and what if i have a heart attack right now – am i suppose to wait 15 minutes or is this where i end my presence on earth??
“No no – in case of an emergency” – “you send a chopper and – wait i can not land inside here” ha ha funy it was – than i did remember that i need another emergency row seat – so while they organized something faster to help the one girl got me a seat “now i can not let you sit in this seat – after all you did” cheers!!!

So the woman and i went back to the woman from Iran and i did translate that help is on the way and she should tell the cabin crew of the next plane that she needs assistance in Tehran.
This show once again – help help help and it comes back from somewhere!!!
now on to my next flight to BKK!

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