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Off to Singapore for Christmas – Start of the Winter 14/15 Trip

That was quite a busy end of the year for me. Every time I go on a longer trip all sorts of stuff happens a few days before i head out. This year I had friends from Australia visiting, my get away party, a 5 day trip to Chicago and a lot of little things to organize before i could leave for Asia. And all that in the last 10 days. Same same but different every year.
Got a lift to the airport in the morning and then it was off to London. There I had to wait a few hours before LEO the friendly A380 from British Airways took me over Europe and towards Singapore. Than it was quick quick getting to Delphines place, take a shower and off to the Christmas party. A nice way of beginning a 4 month trip.

Stuttgart Airport
It was quite warm for winter and the sun was out. Good bye Stuttgart

Stuttgart Airport

Above London
As usual Heathrow was really busy. So we and a lot of other planes had to circle and wait for clearance to land for a while.

London Airport
Meet Leo – waiting for the food. Had another 30 minutes delay but finally we where ready to board.

A 380
This time the emergency exit did not work out so I had a regular seat on the upper deck. Well it was not too bad – still sleeping is not really possible. Under the window they fitted a little storage space. Nice!

A 380
Tell you what – on the way back from Chicago on United the screen was smaller than my iPhone 6. Now at last I was able to watch a movie. And there is a USB plug as well. Great!

Close to Singapore
After a smooth but long flight the islands off the coast where a nice change of view.

Approaching Changi
There are always a lot of boats parked. They all wait for a spot at the harbor.

Landing in Changi
Not really the best time of the year – still rainy season over here.

Christmas in Singapore
The guys did organize a Christmas party. Thanks Raksha for your place and thanks everybody else for making it happen!

Christmas in Singapore
Lots of French food which was all not for me. But there was plenty of salad so I was happy.

Christmas in Singapore
My two favorite French girls in Singapore!

Christmas in Singapore

Save in Singapore
I feel save in Singapore. So many cameras….

Leo in Singapore
Did spend a nice afternoon with Leo at a Chinese hawker stall.

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